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Our very long and agonizing journey from start to completion is finally here!!!! I have passed all inspections with the county; finished all of the trim work and last-minute touches; and hosted a few sample classes. We have an open house for friends and family this Saturday!!! What a great feeling to finally be here!!! I have so many people to thank for all of their support; hard work; emotional support; guidance; and patience with me throughout this entire process. Thank you Wade Broeder (husband); Dustin Marsh (brother); Dennis Marsh (dad); Griffin West (Son); Gunnar West (son); Graham West (son); Hunter Broeder (step-son); and many, many friends: Kelly and Becky Kappel ; Karen Seeton; Lisa Klena; Ann Kinkelaar; Eilynn Chapman; Tracy Rolfe; Dan Perez; Heather Deibert; Bob and Debbie Miller; Tracy Stibitz; Kandice Marsh; Josh McClernon; Jake Avalos; Laura Zempel. And, I am sure I am missing names here! What a fabulous journey this has been!!! Let's start cooking!!!

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