Freshly baked Yumminess

Farm Fusion in the Kitchen is making some yummy Colorado pies and cinnamon rolls for you to enjoy at home. While waiting for classes to fill, Dawn has decided to put her beautiful kitchen to work baking. For a limited time, fresh pies and cinnamon rolls will be made on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday out at the kitchen. People can order using a google form found on the website.

Happy Chickens!!

Our chickens have been successfully transported to their new home by the barn at Farm Fusion in the Kitchen. Gracie, the white Silkie, was transported sitting on my oldest son's lap in the car because she is spoiled. :) The other chickens rode in the coop, probably wondering what the heck was happening. The day of transfer was one of the windiest days we have had, which made it an interesting time. But, now they have such a large area to roam and explore, and safety at night against all of the possible predators. We are still waiting for netting to come in the mail, so hopefully the birds of prey have not discovered them yet. Happy chickens lay the tastiest eggs!!! We have pink; green;


Our very long and agonizing journey from start to completion is finally here!!!! I have passed all inspections with the county; finished all of the trim work and last-minute touches; and hosted a few sample classes. We have an open house for friends and family this Saturday!!! What a great feeling to finally be here!!! I have so many people to thank for all of their support; hard work; emotional support; guidance; and patience with me throughout this entire process. Thank you Wade Broeder (husband); Dustin Marsh (brother); Dennis Marsh (dad); Griffin West (Son); Gunnar West (son); Graham West (son); Hunter Broeder (step-son); and many, many friends: Kelly and Becky Kappel ; Karen Seeton

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