Hard Cider Mustard

One of my favorite pantry items is mustard. It is so versatile and used in many different ways. I use it when I make salad dressings; marinades; rubs; just to name a few. So... I have always wanted to make my own. And, guess what? Super easy to do!! Some of my girlfriends like to get together to do a progressive dinner. Our theme was "cider" and "fall squash". I made this hard cider mustard using a local cider from Climb Hard Cider in Loveland, CO. Check them out! I used their cranberry hard cider and it was delicious to sip while I was making this. The mustard was an accompaniment to the hard cider braised beef I made as well, I'll blog about that a

Barn Update

Still working with the county to get issued the final permit to put all the goods together. So far, we have painted the barn; added plumbing; concrete floors; and, we started building the fence ( my first fence so please be gentle on the critique) Thought it would be fun to add some pictures of the progress:

Pappardelle Bolognese

When I am at a loss for what to cook for dinner, I always turn to Italy for inspiration!! I absolutely love Mario Batali and all that he stands for. One of my favorite go-to cookbooks is The Mario Batali Babbo Cookbook. I have so many recipes flagged that I get excited just looking at it. My husband and I couldn't decide on a restaurant we were dying to go to, so I said I would bring the restaurant to us!! I chose Pappardelle bolognese; a beautiful and simple mixed green salad made with a fresh lemon dressing; and some good crusty rolls. Voila - dinner that we would find and the finest restaurants in Fort Collins. Steps to a romantic dinner for 2! Step One - fresh tomato paste using ga

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